How to Change or Extend Your Work Permit?

Work permits holders are most of the foreign nationals working temporarily. If your work permit is about to expire or require changes, then you need to apply for making the required changes. It is important to note that to extend the work permit you must apply for the changes at least 30 days before your current work permit expires.  

If you are unsure about when to extend or change work permits then here are four conditions that are considered to take the required steps:

  1. Your job is extended or changed: This is the important case when foreign workers must not delay in extending the work permit or changing the conditions of their current work permit before the expiry of the permit. 
  2. You are offered a different job in Canada: In this case, a complete new work permit is required to start with the new job. The renewed work permit should reflect the worker’s new job. So make no delay in applying to get a new permit. 
  3. You wish to live and work in Canada permanently:  This is the case when you are advised to apply under one of Canada’s permanent residence categories.
  4. You wish to leave Canada and then re-enter: This case is for those who leave Canada but the holders of work permit are allowed to extend their work permit. It means they can resume their work when they return to Canada. However, one of the following things happens when the permit holder returns to Canada. 

However, one of the following things happens when the permit holder returns to Canada. 

  • First is that if the work permit extension is under processing, then still a worker will be permitted to enter Canada but as a visitor and will not work till the permit extension process is accepted.
  • One part of the extension process includes that the workers are asked to prove that they are financially strong enough to support themselves in Canada. 
  • Once the work permit extension is accepted the workers are allowed to re-enter and work again in Canada. 
  • In certain cases the worker may have to apply for a complete new work permit if the permit extension is rejected, to work again in Canada. 

If you are the one willing to extend or change the work permit then, please contact us.